About us

Decumed ApS specializes in products for the prevention and relief of pressure ulcers.

Our name is a composition of the words decubitus and medicine. Decubitus means pressure ulcer in latin and medico is a term used for medical devices – and medico comes from medicina, meaning healing.


We launched the company and our first product, the Decucell-pad, in 2009, and in 2010 we added the heel-lifter Decuheel. Decucell and Decuheel are used in a number of hospitals and care centers in Scandinavia.

Decumed is owned by Microwarm.

Company mission

It is Decumed’s ambition to develop, produce and market products within life science.The products must prevent or relieve patients’ pain and discomfort caused by lack of mobility and disability. That’s why our motto is: The cure is care.

The products must also be innovative and should improve the working environment for the caregivers.